Sutor Creek pizzas are made from scratch and cooked in our wood-fired oven. The dough for our pizza bases is freshly made on the premises each day using flour, water, olive oil, yeast and a little salt.  Our pizzas are hand-rolled then topped with sauce that is simply tomatoes, fresh basil, a little garlic and mozzarella cheese. 



MARGHERITA:  Our homemade pizza base and tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese  £8  

THE BLACK ISLER:  Local haggis, black pudding, bacon, egg & mushrooms  £13

PEPPERONI:  Sliced spicy pepperoni    £10

DELUXE MARGHERITA:  Buffalo mozzarella, sundried tomatoes & fresh basil  £11

ROASTED VEGETABLES:  Roasted vegetables, fresh rocket, roast hazelnuts & rocket pesto  £11

HAWAIIAN:  Parma ham, sliced ham & chunks of fresh pineapple  £11

BBQ PORK:  BBQ Pulled Pork, red onions and jalapenos  £13

SEAFOOD:  Prawns, mussels, squid, anchovies, capers, sun-dried tomatoes & spring onion   £13

MEAT FEAST:  Chorizo, pepperoni, spicy sausage, ham & parma ham   £13

GREEK:  Chunks of feta, mixed olives, roasted peppers, fresh tomato, oregano & balsamic glaze  £11

THE SUTOR:  Parma ham, artichoke hearts, spinach, olives & garlic  £13

CPJ:  Chorizo, pepperoni & jalepenoes  £11

SPICY CHICKEN:  Chunks of spicy chicken, sweetcorn, caramelized onion & parsley £12

GREGORS:  Pepperoni, sun dried tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, red onions, olives & fresh basil £13

Thursday through Sunday 12pm-9pm

Take-away pizzas available while open! Collection only.

To order call 01381 600 855